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Wound Management Conditions

Search by conditions that KCI therapies and products have been designed to help manage.

Wound Management Conditions

Wound Management, Skin Graft | KCI Wound Management

Patients can be affected by a wide variety of wounds, including chronic wounds like pressure ulcers or diabetic ulcers, to acute wounds like traumatic injuries. KCI provides multiple therapies to help prevent and treat these types of conditions.

Wound Management, Open Abdomen | KCI Open Abdomen

A technique, also known as laparostomy, in which the fascia is left open intentionally to avoid elevation of intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and where surgical re-exploration is desirable. Temporary abdominal closure (TAC) is achieved using a dressing or technology intended to protect the exposed viscera.

Wound Management, Incision Management | KCI	Incision Management

Incisions can carry complication risks. Therefore, there is a sense of urgency associated with the early management of incisions.

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